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Your going to love this new product even if you are a BIN YAH or a CUM YAH! This high quality Gullah/Geechee tee, speaks of the "home of the Gullah people" of St. Helena Island, SC. The back of the tee lists all of the historical site of "ole home places" of the people of St. Helena, along with a little bite of the Gullah language and translation to inform you. These shirts are available in multiplef colors and sizes. Supplies are limited, get them while this new 2023 addition last!

BIN YAH Tee shirt (St. Helena Island, SC, Home of the Gullah people).

Available colors
  • There are other color options including, Jade (green), Dasiy (yellow), Garnet (red), Dark Chocolate, Lilac, Royal Blue, and White. The darker shirts have  golden yellow text and image, while the lighter colored shirts have deep rich pruple print and image. Most sizes are still available in these colors. Please specify your size and color in your order. Your are going to love these shirts that are sure to be a collectors item!! Tank Oonah!

  • These tees are 100% Gil G500 Heavy Cotton and are made to wear well!

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